St Mark Church Building 

Changing for the 21st Century 

The Story So Far:

  • In 2013 we invited a group from the Gloucester Diocese to assess our building and report back. They make their recommendations for a more welcoming, useful building.

  • A group visited other churches that have been re ordered.

  • Our architect was invited to draw up a plan using some of the suggested ideas.

  • We issued a booklet in February 2014 with some suggestions on it and invited the congregation (both young and not so young) to send in their comments, ideas and suggestions.

  • A Day of Prayer was held on 29th March 2014 with future Prayer meetings to be held.

  • A Gift Day was held on 30th March 2014 to invite people to begin to contribute to the project.

  • A committee was appointed to oversee the project.

  • The committee met on 31st March 2014 and looked at all the feedback trying to take into consideration as much as possible that was fed back.

  • With DCC agreement the committee will meet in the church and put together 3 possible different scenarios. These will then be put into visual form and displayed in church for comments/feedback

  • The DCC agreed that Toby Falconer be appointed our Architect.

  • The Group met in June 2014 in the church to agree on our ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’ list.

  • We put together 3 possible different scenarios using some of the feedback suggestions and in consultation with Toby

  • JULY 2014 Following the last building committee meeting, updated plans have now been received and we have commissioned some photographic images of what the church might look like. These will be displayed alongside the plans.

  • We have also asked the architect to explore the idea of a covered link between the church and the hall and an upgrade of the church toilets. These ideas will be displayed in church.

  • Comments and feedback will be noted and a decision made as to which way to go.


Interior  New heating system; New lighting with upgraded electrics; Repair side aisle ceilings and re-plaster walls where needed; Complete redecoration to brighten the interior;

To make the exterior of our church more welcoming  Landscaping the grounds with a new ramp for disabled access; Create a few additional parking spaces; Improve signage and notice-boards

ADDITIONAL PROPOSITION                                                TO CONNECT THE CHURCH AND THE HALL BY AN ENCLOSED CORRIDOR Provisional plan to connect the Church and the Hall through the back door of the Church (opposite Lower Upcher/Crèche Room) and in through current Fire Exit of the Hall. This includes:A new toilet block which would include a disabled toilet (currently not one accessible in church); Full access for all to and from Hall via a ramp which would allow for different levels of Church and Hall

Photographic images of what the church might look like.

Visual image of current entrance


Showingcorridor removed (door will still be Fire Exit with ramp);windows with clearer glass to create more light;area completely cleared.

Use for  To create a small, simple chapel area for smaller meetings (e.g. Midweek), prayer ministry, quiet prayer. Possibly with communion table as a focal point;Extra seating for large gatherings;Platform to be brought forward so it can be seen well from here and maybe extended to where piano is currently so worship team and piano can go on it.

Body of church


Showing – one possible arrangement of seating which will be completely flexible;the chancel area which will remain as it is apart from the plaster being repaired, decorated and some lighting added to enhance it as a focal point (rather dark at the moment);Some of the existing pews may be placed around the edge of the church for extra seating;The sound desk may be replaced by a smaller, portable version that can be plugged in at various points around the church.

Use for – With flexibility can be for all our services/concerts/community events/ ‘experiences’ etc. Many possibilities.

Catering area


Showing – Refreshment area where we can serve tea/coffee and washing up facilities – this is not the final design or positioning;a ‘social space’ in front of it.

Use for – after church/events refreshments so we don’t have to go into the Hall;Coffee shop type events for all ages.

Main Entrance


Showing – our main entrance which will have an additional external door to keep draughts out and a ramp leading up to it for access for all;Welcome desk and notice board.

Use for – As an entrance for all activities in church which is more obvious than the current one;Welcome desk and Noticeboard: the Font may be moved underneath the window on the left of the picture and chairs maybe turned to face it if needed.