CarnationGetting Married

We are always delighted to be approached by couples wanting to hold their wedding at St Mark. 

As a first step, register your interest with the parish office and we will answer your initial enquiries and send you an application form. 

Alternatively you can download an application form below.

Wedding Application Form

Wedding Fees 2018

The minister will then contact you to discuss your plans for this important occasion. 

We do our best to work to your preferred date and book the church when we get your enquiry however the date can only be confirmed when you have spoken with the minister conducting the service and agreed the date with them.

There are certain criteria that have to be met for you to be married in St Mark (Set by the Church of England) however; there are many ways that you can qualify. If you, your fiancé or either of your parents live (or have lived) in the parish or attend St Mark you definitely can be married here. If that does not apply please contact the office who will be able to help talk you through the other criteria to see if we can help.


Banns are a legal requirement if you live within our parish but are getting married at a church outside our parish. If you need to have your banns read at St Mark please get in contact with the church office. Either fill in the form (link below) or call 01242 580022. The current fee for reading Banns is £44

Banns Application Form