Bell Ringing Team

Bell ringing is the loudest call to worship and proclamation of the Good News that there is. It is also an addictive, stimulating and challenging activity; for over 400 years part of our national heritage. Let us know if you would like to get involved. 

Our bell-ringing team meet for Practice every Monday at 7.15pm (excluding the 4th) in the church tower. We also ring for services, weddings, funerals, national events and pleasure. 

Full details of our ringing schedule are published in advance at visit St Mark's Bellringers

Church bells are the biggest and loudest musical instruments in the world. Bells are rung to call people to worship, celebrate happy occasions and commemorate important events. They are also rung simply for the enjoyment of hearing their sound.

Bell ringing (change ringing) originated in England in the early 16th century when church bells began to be hung with a “full wheel”. This allowed ringers to control the swinging speed of the bells and generate continuous musical patterns rather then discordant haphazard notes. Since this time ringing has developed into a musical form of its own. The way in which bells are hung in the tower has changed little and the music we ring would still be recognizable to people from over 400 years ago.

At St Mark’s we have participated in this tradition since 1885 when 5 of our existing bells were first installed. In 2007 as part of a restoration programme we added three new bells to complete the octave. See a Video of the bells in action 

Could I be a ringer?

Yes! If you want to meet new people, try something challenging and help make the loudest call to worship then ringing is for you! Ringing brings together people from many different backgrounds and interests. Ringers enjoy the physical activity, teamwork and intellectual challenges that are involved in making our unique form of music. To be a ringer you do not need to be tall, fit, musical or good at maths! All we ask is a willingness to learn as part of a team and to be able to attend our practices on Monday evenings and eventually attend on alternate Sunday mornings. Being a ringer also means having an active social life and our team enjoy numerous social events outside the tower!

If you would like to see the bells in action, have a tour of the tower, meet the team or have a go (no obligation!) please contact the church office on 01242 580022 or speak to Simon Ridley.
Contact details and information can be found at St Mark's Bellringers